During an Ayurvedic consultation,  Zora helps the client establish his/her constitutional type and suggests adjustments in diet and lifestyle. She also points out which elements are imbalanced in the body or mind and may be a cause for health concerns. Zora may recommend suitable herbal supplements, exercises in Hatha yoga, movement, breathing, Chi Gong,  color/gem therapy and healing meditation.  A full Ayurvedic assessment lasts about 3 hours and includes a customized list of dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Cost:  $ 120.00 for a 3  hour reading

$ 50.00 for 1 hour consultations

(Discount or trade possible when needed)

ABHYANGA –  full body  massage                                                       60 mins  –  $ 70,        90 mins  –   $ 90

An all time favorite treatment combining long soothing strokes of the classical Indian massage with the serene sounds of the Tibetan/crystal bowls. It uses liberal amounts of warm oil infused with the subtle aromas of the essential oils. A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treatment.

SHIRODHARA  –  oil pouring on forehead                                        60 mins  –  $ 60   ( + cost of oil )

Continous pouring of warm oil on the forehead induces a state of peace and serenity. It expands conscioussness by activating the “third eye” and offering insights into life’s issues.This procedure is both blissful and therapeutic. It is valued highly in Ayurveda as it is considered a natural cure for many disorders such as migraine, insomnia, depression and indigestion. It calms the busy mind.

INDIAN  HEAD  &  FOOT  MASSAGE                                                 60 mins  –   $ 55,        90 mins  –   $ 75

This is a favorite treatment that uses specific trigger points called “marmas” both on head and feet to induce a state of deep relaxation and bliss. By stimulating the “marma” points we access the vital organs and initiate deep healing.

KATI  BASTI  –  localized oil bath                                               apr.  60 mins   –   $  60  ( + cost of medicated oil )

Kati Basti  is one of many ingenious therapies of Ayurveda to deal with localized traumas due to injury. It consits of creating a “dam” out of sticky dough around the injured spot, then saturating it with heated medicated oil. This is very effective for various back injuries including herniated discs, knee injuries, pulled muscles, torn ligaments etc.

SYNCHRONIZED  4 – HANDED  MASSAGE                                       90 mins  –   $ 150  –  130    (sliding scale )

A very popular treatment that can give a “breakthrough” experience to the client, offering deep insights into the cause of the disease. As the two therapists pour heated oil over the body and massage in unison, the two hemispheres of the brain synchronize their action so the client experiences  a deep state of relaxation and a cessation of the mental chatter. This whole brain action invokes heightened awareness and creativity. Most clients experience communion with the higher aspects of their own Being that are normally veiled from direct perception. This is a very deep and relaxing treatment . In Ayurvedic literature it is considered the best therapy for neurological problems, Parkinson’s disease, MS, stroke, paralysis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,  depression, rigidity and a host of psychological problems. A must to experience, an ultimate gift for your beloveds.

Treatments available in Nelson and Creston, B.C.



4 Handed Massage Mini Poster (1)




Introduction to Ayurveda    1 – day intensive seminar  (covers the knowledge of Prakruti – ayurvedic constitution, seasonal routines and healthy lifestyle)

3 – day intensive seminar (covers Prakruti – ayurvedic constitution, seasonal routines, disease process, healing methods, diet and healthy lifestyle)

Introduction to Tantra    1-3 day intensive seminars (introducing individuals to classic Tantra of both Hindu and Tibetan lineages. Initiations into Green Tara, Shiva, Ganesh, Kuan Jin, Shakti, Breathing Mantra Meditation.

Trinity of Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra    1 – day intesive seminar (covers the relationship between these three sister sciences, and their specific methods for greater health, happiness and liberation)

Kriya Yoga   1-8 weekend intensive courses, inquire about availability and schedules (these are very powerful and dynamic exercises that purify the channels of the subtle body and help awakening  the Kundalini)

Introduction to GiCheon     2 hour daily practice available, may be followed by meditation. GiCheon is a form of Chi-Kung originating in ancient Korea. It is currently gaining interest in the West, as its effects are very fast and deep. Very positive results have been achieved with deep rooted and degenerative diseases, and with pain relief. Beside its value as a healing modality, GiCheon is also a complete spiritual practice leading the practitioner to enlightenment and liberation.

for more informatioin on GiCheon: http://gicheon.org/


Consultations over phone or skype are also available.                                                                                                                                     Rates  (Canada  & USA) :  50 $  –  per 1 hour,  30 $  –  per half  hour,    (Europe) :    40 E  – per 1 hour,  30  E –  per half  hour

Customize your event !    You can design your own event with any or all of the above offerings to make them suit your needs!

Zora is an independent yogini who has made a commitment to make the  Dharma teachings  available to those in need. Do not hesitate to ask for help. In cases  of financial distress donations or trades will be gladly exchanged in lieu of payment.



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